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04/12/15 - Hanging out with Steve, Megan, Dustin, and the gang. Go karts!!

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id: 43388
Megan took this picture with the EOS app on my phone
id: 43389
Go karts!
id: 43390
Whoa, a real IndyCar
id: 43391
They sit so low to the ground!
id: 43392
The finish line
id: 43393
Details on the IndyCar
id: 43394
Looking into the cockpit
id: 43395
You guys all ready to race?
id: 43396
Ooo, there was also a stock car from NASCAR out front
id: 43397
Real bare bones in there
id: 43398
Nitrous? Probably not
id: 43399
Hey, Moog!
id: 43400
I like the color scheme
id: 43401
I couldn't take pictures while we were racing so I settled for taking pictures of other people racing like a creep
id: 43402
id: 43403
Pay attention to the safety lecture, Steve
id: 43404
id: 43405
Dustin is ready for some safety
id: 43406
And then Steve joined the Aquabats
id: 43407
id: 43408
Megan is definitely glad I took this photo
id: 43409
id: 43410
Attach the strap
id: 43411
Glasses are hard
id: 43412
Hi Megan
id: 43413
Head clonk
id: 43414
I... didn't so super great
id: 43415
Let's celebrate that time we went karting by drinking beer
id: 43416
Right Megan?
id: 43417
Steve is always ready for some beer
id: 43418
Mmm, beer
id: 43419
id: 43420
Later.. darts!
id: 43421
Darts is hard but fun
id: 43422
Who would want a Butterfinger basketball? Spoiler: Everyone
id: 43423
Hanging out at the bar
id: 43424
I think Dustin is ready for some darts
id: 43425
Take aim...
id: 43426
This is Steve's default expression
id: 43427
id: 43428
id: 43429
These are boring photos
id: 43430
Well you can't stop me
id: 43431
Let's move the groceries
id: 43432
Remember how this batch started with go karts? What happened?
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