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04/16/15 - Cooking up some lunches and electronics with Topaz!

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id: 43433
use onion;
id: 43434
Let's consult the internet for how to cook
id: 43435
That knife looks sharp
id: 43436
id: 43437
Slice slice slice
id: 43438
Wok's up with cooking?
id: 43439
Looks edible!
id: 43440
And lunch for the week is solved
id: 43441
Onwards to electronics!
id: 43442
Look at all these components
id: 43443
My favorite: the RGB LED strip
id: 43444
Always read the instructions
id: 43445
Topaz's first solder!
id: 43446
Lots of nonsense going on
id: 43447
Hey look, letters!
id: 43448
Topaz continues on the practice solder board
id: 43449
Getting there
id: 43450
Moving from component to component
id: 43451
Nice capacitor?
id: 43452
Don't breathe this
id: 43453
Is there anything worth buying at the dying RadioShack?
id: 43454
Matt and Sam joined us for sushi
id: 43455
The latest in my attempt to make photos of Anthony that he'll like
id: 43456
Angry birds sushi!
id: 43457
Kate is ready for some board games
id: 43458
Topaz demonstrates my amazing invention: the Cheeto fork. No more orange fingers!
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