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04/16/15 - I tag along during an Eden EMS training session and take lots of photos of messed up cars!

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id: 43840
Kate is ready to tear up some cars
id: 43841
"You ready to take some pictures?"
id: 43842
Nice looking vehicles
id: 43843
Let's hope you never have to see this coming for you!
id: 43844
Kate with her ambulance
id: 43845
Whoa, hi there
id: 43846
Beep, beep, beep
id: 43847
The crew starts suiting up for the training exercise
id: 43848
Kate isn't participating tonight, but she'll still be keeping an eye on things!
id: 43849
The back of the ambulance
id: 43850
Gotta get your reflective gear on
id: 43851
I accidentally took a really spooky photo of the empty ambulance
id: 43852
Emergency squad!
id: 43853
This is where Kate lives
id: 43854
Getting the light truck into position
id: 43855
id: 43856
Performing the last rites for the doomed cars
id: 43857
I think JR is ready to tear up some cars
id: 43858
The light truck is in position!
id: 43859
A little rain never hurt nobody
id: 43860
Doyle and Kory are ready to get started
id: 43861
Having fun, Dave?
id: 43862
John gets things started
id: 43863
id: 43864
The rain was a hassle but it certainly added a certain flair to the photos
id: 43865
"So here's how you tear up a car.."
id: 43866
Gathering around to go over the plan
id: 43867
"And then we get the giant scissors.."
id: 43868
Everyone's so serious and Topaz is just being a goober
id: 43869
Emergency rescue is serious business
id: 43870
Apparently they do this every time they arrive at an accident. The wood keeps the car stable
id: 43871
Swarming around the car
id: 43872
The car's nearly stable, almost time to start cutting
id: 43873
Don't mind me..
id: 43874
Getting stuff done at night!
id: 43875
Kate and Topaz watch the proceedings
id: 43876
Derek says "oh stop"
id: 43877
Running in for a closeup
id: 43878
These windows have got to go
id: 43879
Breaking windows in the rain
id: 43880
Gotta remove the windows before you can cut the posts
id: 43881
Is this the official procedure?
id: 43882
John doesn't care about rain
id: 43883
I bet those jackets are waterproof.. unlike mine
id: 43884
Hi Scott
id: 43885
The smashinator!
id: 43886
I'm not sure what's happening here. I think they're taking the windshield off
id: 43887
Getting stuff done!
id: 43888
Poor car
id: 43889
Nice windshield you've got there
id: 43890
Getting to work on the door
id: 43891
JR, what've you got there?
id: 43892
Oh, it's an enormous pair of hydraulic pliers. No big deal
id: 43893
Nicole is having fun in the rain
id: 43894
JR's got some giant scissors and he knows how to use them
id: 43895
Getting a little rainy
id: 43896
Who needs windows anyway. It's so breezy now!
id: 43897
It's really raining now
id: 43898
EMS people are pretty cool
id: 43899
Too dark even for the mighty truck light!
id: 43900
Gather round for a story about Eden Rescue Squad
id: 43901
Cutting cars up is tricky
id: 43902
Is it normal for a door to do that?
id: 43903
Haven't you done enough to this poor car?
id: 43904
Holy crap, this is an intense tool
id: 43905
Giant scissors!
id: 43906
This car has seen better days
id: 43907
Pile o doors
id: 43908
Picking the car apart piece by piece
id: 43909
Shine the light here, please
id: 43910
Eric looks so tired
id: 43911
And away goes the door!
id: 43912
Insert convertible joke here
id: 43913
The last.. car supper?
id: 43914
Something tells me this isn't the first time Dave and Kenny have done this before
id: 43915
A pretty normal night for Kate
id: 43916
The team seems to be doing pretty well so far
id: 43917
It takes a lot of people to cut up a car
id: 43918
These guys are pretty proud of themselves
id: 43919
Take it for a spin!
id: 43920
How do you simulate dealing with a rolled car? Roll the car!
id: 43921
Part two of the night.. extracting people from a car on its side
id: 43922
Car One is not having a good night
id: 43923
This used to be the B-post
id: 43924
This car is sideways
id: 43925
Nice suspension
id: 43926
Check the supports..
id: 43927
What's under here?
id: 43928
This is how they keep the car from tipping over further
id: 43929
Eden Rescue!
id: 43930
Time to start packing up some of the tools
id: 43931
What's the hammer for??
id: 43932
These guys really hate windshields
id: 43933
Windshield be gone!
id: 43934
Drag it away
id: 43935
Eric's got the giant hydraulic tools now!
id: 43936
Commence cutting!
id: 43937
That's a big hat
id: 43938
This tool looks so easy to handle
id: 43939
Taking a look inside
id: 43940
And another roof is gone!
id: 43941
Now it's really easy to get the people out!
id: 43942
This looks like everyone is having so much fun
id: 43943
This car looks so weird
id: 43944
Sweep up the glass
id: 43945
Retrieving the support straps
id: 43946
Time to take the supports down
id: 43947
Car One is still looking pretty rough
id: 43948
It's a tough job, EMS
id: 43949
But someone's got to do it
id: 43950
Packing up!
id: 43951
I think I've been spotted
id: 43952
Say cheese!
id: 43953
Good work, guys!
id: 43954
Knocking the car back over
id: 43955
You can't really tell but the car is bouncing here. Check out the glass flying around
id: 43956
Sweep sweep sweep
id: 43957
Eric wears many hats
id: 43958
There, good as new!
id: 43959
Time for some glamor shots of the EMS gear
id: 43960
Getting the ambulance ready
id: 43961
Eden EMS: Ready to save your ass at a moment's notice
id: 43962
Good looking crew
id: 43963
Kate's coming to save you!
id: 43964
Master driver Kate
id: 43965
Time to relax with beer and food
id: 43966
Mmm, pizza
id: 43967
Kate had a fun night
id: 43968
Well earned pizza
id: 43969
And that was that!
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