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04/19/15 - Hanging around in Hamburg and then attending the Unconference in Buffalo

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id: 43485
We had a lot of fun with the RGB LEDs
id: 43486
Driving around Hamburg
id: 43487
Nice sunset
id: 43488
Farm stuff!
id: 43489
I remember wide open skies
id: 43490
Time to see what this puppy can do
id: 43491
Behold! The world's noisiest photos!
id: 43492
Even at an alarming ISO these photos came out blurry. Ah well
id: 43493
Let's look at planets!
id: 43494
That's Jupiter, I promise
id: 43495
Topaz and I went to the Unconference to see and present some neat talks
id: 43496
I think this was talking about how to be a freelance writer/reporter
id: 43497
This is the most startup-ass startup location I have ever seen
id: 43498
All those yellow things are bungee cords.. for reasons that I don't understand
id: 43499
They looked neat though
id: 43500
And suddenly I found myself signing up for a talk!
id: 43501
Hanging around.. eating food
id: 43502
This guy talked about microcontrollers, specifically the Raspberry Pi
id: 43503
And then I did another talk! This time on modular origami
id: 43504
Photos courtesy of Topaz
id: 43505
And then you fold it...
id: 43506
And then you fold it
id: 43507
The last origami supper?
id: 43508
Ready to fold some more?
id: 43509
Next step, fold it
id: 43510
Then stick them together
id: 43511
Like-a this
id: 43512
So many pieces
id: 43513
And then you have a ball
id: 43514
Chris liked the ball
id: 43515
Waiting for gravity
id: 43516
Chris wanted a nice photo to use online
id: 43517
And I think this is it!
id: 43518
"What're you doing there, more pictures?"
id: 43519
Topaz gave a talk on how to wildly gesticulate while presenting
id: 43520
This is the moment he realized he left his oven on
id: 43521
Step 1 of Psy's new dance
id: 43522
And then you clap
id: 43523
id: 43524
Invisible sandwich
id: 43525
This is where the gold is buried
id: 43526
Casting energy beams on himself
id: 43527
Catching a football
id: 43528
I don't even know anymore
id: 43529
And that's how you wildly gesticulate while presenting
id: 43530
Time for sushi?
id: 43531
Oh yes
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