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04/25/15 - Going on a photo shoot with Suz and Josh in Queens

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id: 43538
Josh is excited to play with my old camera
id: 43539
Hey guys, you're not allowed on the tracks
id: 43540
Wide angle!
id: 43541
Suz is ready for some photography
id: 43542
New York is confusing
id: 43543
This is a funny sign. Be careful with moving fences!
id: 43544
Getting closer to our destination: some sort of flea market thing
id: 43545
Sadboy is sad.. but he has a sticker of the Nurburgring on his car, so that's cool
id: 43546
Empire City?
id: 43547
Not so bad, as alleyways go
id: 43548
I like to think these are COPV tanks for rockets
id: 43549
Some ugly chandeliers
id: 43550
Eric and Jenny have a tent!
id: 43551
Who wants some chicken wings
id: 43552
I think Josh and Suz do
id: 43553
Eric fries up some wings
id: 43554
Let's all take pictures at once
id: 43555
Lots of weird little tents
id: 43556
Suz wants her chicken now
id: 43557
That looks pretty good
id: 43558
Josh is very serious about chicken
id: 43559
Mmm, curry
id: 43560
Secret sauce?
id: 43561
Suz is all about weird little food fairs
id: 43562
Just none and I'm done
id: 43563
Suz is dissatisfied with the clothing options
id: 43564
Handing out some food
id: 43565
Oh man I hate my diet
id: 43566
Fun wooden signs
id: 43567
Let's walk along the waterfront!
id: 43568
Suz snaps a few shots
id: 43569
Hi Suz
id: 43570
Nice truck
id: 43571
Good ol.. urban.. ness.
id: 43572
Hey it's the UN
id: 43573
It's a nice day to look around
id: 43574
Scary hole
id: 43575
The east side of Manhattan
id: 43576
Looking down the waterfront
id: 43577
Josh is ready to take some pictures
id: 43578
Ever since the asylum let Josh carry his little friend around his treatment has been going much smoother
id: 43579
Link isn't sure about the UN
id: 43580
Nice day out
id: 43581
Link also isn't sure about hexagons
id: 43582
Josh stages his photoshoot
id: 43583
"Does this.. does this look alright?"
id: 43584
Double stinkface
id: 43585
Suz is feeling strong from her chicken wings
id: 43586
A nice shot of Josh for him to use on the internets
id: 43587
Not really sure what the foot thing is all about
id: 43588
Suz is a New York girl
id: 43589
Suz is having a good time even if her hair is trying to escape
id: 43590
Oh god, it's on the loose!!
id: 43591
It's OK
id: 43592
Hi Josh
id: 43593
Yeah, this photo isn't going anywhere soon
id: 43594
Photos are funny
id: 43595
Link isn't sure about this pocket
id: 43596
Is this pretzel cookie going to be good?
id: 43597
Seems like it
id: 43598
id: 43599
id: 43600
Link isn't sure about beer
id: 43601
Facetime with Beany!
id: 43602
Whoa, hi Josh
id: 43603
Suz likes beer
id: 43604
"Stop taking pictures of me!"
id: 43605
Suz is tired now
id: 43606
Hoodies are fun
id: 43607
Suz's hair is completely out of control
id: 43608
Now she is a celeb
id: 43609
id: 43610
Here's where Five Pointz used to be
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