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04/25/15 - Josh's photos from our Queens photoshoot with Suz

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id: 43611
"Look into my eye"
id: 43612
Hi Josh
id: 43613
Talking to Suz on the way to the fair
id: 43614
Josh thought this was really funny
id: 43615
Eric and Jenny!
id: 43616
Wings with convenient grease-free handles
id: 43617
id: 43618
I had chicken later
id: 43619
Josh wants to live here
id: 43620
Suz looks through some dumb shirts
id: 43621
Hey this is that making of that photo from the other batch
id: 43622
Cars and buildings. Welcome to New York
id: 43623
id: 43624
This is what I often look like
id: 43625
Suz is excited
id: 43626
Hi Suz!
id: 43627
Suz keeps her hair from escaping
id: 43628
And fails
id: 43629
Eric is excited about cooking
id: 43630
Lots of wings
id: 43631
I told you I got chicken later
id: 43632
Suz gives Josh a look
id: 43633
Link isn't sure about beer
id: 43634
Bring all the beer to Link
id: 43635
Let's look at photos!
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