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05/02/15 - I go to Brooklyn with Tyler to fly drones.. and then go to get bandages when one attacks me!

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id: 43636
Tyler is serious about his drone flying hobby
id: 43637
Look at all this gear!
id: 43638
The big hexacopter. Watch out for the carbon fiber blades!
id: 43639
It has a tiny camera for first person flying
id: 43640
The slightly less intimidating quadcopter, also fitted with a camera
id: 43641
Is it balanced?
id: 43642
And away goes the quadcopter!
id: 43643
That knob on a pole is the antenna for the FPV camera
id: 43644
We weren't the only aircraft around..
id: 43645
Making adjustments to the quad
id: 43646
Spiffy sunglasses, Tyler
id: 43647
Tyler's boss Gavin also has a quadcopter with.. interesting landing gear
id: 43648
The large landing gear is to make room for the movable camera mount
id: 43649
Another remote control vehicle!
id: 43650
It was really hauling ass
id: 43651
Away it goes!
id: 43652
I guess even RC cars are tough to pilot
id: 43653
Tyler is ready to fly his quad in first person.. or travel into the future
id: 43654
Tyler is on board.. in spirit
id: 43655
Whatcha lookin at?
id: 43656
Steep bank!
id: 43657
Very dynamic flying
id: 43658
id: 43659
Hey don't look at me
id: 43660
It's a complicated machine
id: 43661
Time for the big hex
id: 43662
Is the video working?
id: 43663
Ready for takeoff
id: 43664
Test the controls
id: 43665
And we're off!
id: 43666
This one is considerably heavier and more powerful
id: 43667
It sure looks cool
id: 43668
Landing again
id: 43669
Spotting the hex through the trees
id: 43670
Flying high
id: 43671
id: 43672
Strafing the field
id: 43673
Getting some altitude!
id: 43674
A glimpse into the menacing drone-filled future
id: 43675
Look at all the gear on this compact little device
id: 43676
Hi there!
id: 43677
This is what we look ed like
id: 43678
Gavin's quad takes flight!
id: 43679
id: 43680
Try again!
id: 43681
There we go, much better
id: 43682
Shooting video wherever he wants
id: 43683
One problem with these devices is they attract a lot of attention from kids
id: 43684
Haulin' ass!
id: 43685
Coming back around
id: 43686
Aaaand then I tried to pick up the quad without turning it off and sliced my hand all up. Whoops! Still lots of fun.
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