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05/16/15 - Suz and I look at the Apple store and then head to her birthday party!

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id: 43687
The bowling alley under the office was getting a bunch of arcade machines delivered
id: 43688
17th st
id: 43689
Never ending urban canyons
id: 43690
Nice stylized number
id: 43691
id: 43692
Nice hat, ice cream dude
id: 43693
Suz is here!
id: 43694
Here it is.. the laptop Suz has been eyeing
id: 43695
It's pretty slick. I have some concerns, but it's not bad other than the lack of USB ports
id: 43696
Wanna buy anything?
id: 43697
Fette Sau for Suz's birthday!
id: 43698
As usual we got a mountain of food
id: 43699
Beany came to visit!
id: 43700
Tom and Charlie discussing.. jars of beer?
id: 43701
Suz and Beany!
id: 43702
Matt likes jars of beer
id: 43703
Ready to take this party on the road?
id: 43704
Let's take awkward photos!
id: 43705
The QA life is a hard one
id: 43706
Ready to go?
id: 43707
Charlie seems.. shocked about this bar
id: 43708
That's a big cup, Suz
id: 43709
Beany stinkface!
id: 43710
Charlie likes beer
id: 43711
Also ninja turtles
id: 43712
Hi Andy
id: 43713
WHOA, hi Andy!
id: 43714
What a fancy drink. It has TWO umbrellas
id: 43715
Suz gets to work on her giant drink
id: 43716
id: 43717
What's up, Charlie
id: 43718
What's Bloo drinking?
id: 43719
You've made so little progress on that giant drink!
id: 43720
Whoa, Matt also has a giant drink
id: 43721
Everyone has giant drinks!
id: 43722
Not Josh
id: 43723
Hanging out is fun
id: 43724
Beany got some sort of milkshake-like thing
id: 43725
What is that face, Suz?
id: 43726
Andy eating a ghost burger?
id: 43727
Hi beany
id: 43728
Too close to Suz's face
id: 43729
Beany's all about weird faces today
id: 43730
Josh got some gross pickled eggs
id: 43731
Yeecch! A pickleback!
id: 43732
There are wood ships and there are good ships..
id: 43733
Josh somehow knocked over a drink in a way that catapulted it onto the ceiling
id: 43734
Also all over Helen
id: 43735
Josh eats the toy inside a Kinder egg.. or that pickled egg
id: 43736
Poor Helen really got nailed by that flying drink. It was insane.
id: 43737
Beany made me a Daniel Ricciardo plush! My favorite F1 driver!
id: 43738
Oh boy, this is going to be fun.. I like Beany's avatar
id: 43739
Group video games!
id: 43740
Hi Suz
id: 43741
Bloo is ready to draw
id: 43742
CJ can't even believe what she's seeing
id: 43743
Suz and Beany hung out with me on the floor
id: 43744
The couch crew
id: 43745
"You playing or what?"
id: 43746
Suz digs in the gift bag to find out what I got her
id: 43747
It's a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8! The nifty fifty!
id: 43748
"For meee?"
id: 43749
Guess which one I submitted
id: 43750
Parties at Suz's house are fun
id: 43751
Beany doesn't know how to react to cameras
id: 43752
CJ and Andy like games
id: 43753
Just fun overall
id: 43754
No Suz, you can't have my Ricciardo
id: 43755
Drunkenly taking photos in the taxi
id: 43756
This is not a good way to handle a camera. Especially while drunk.
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