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05/24/15 - Tony's bachelor party in New Hampshire! Games, cabin, lake, booze, good times

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id: 43757
Man. I remember trees
id: 43758
This dog knows how to live
id: 43759
I missed wide open space
id: 43760
Cool bridges
id: 43761
Trees and water!
id: 43762
I need to move to New Hampshire
id: 43763
Actually this might be Vermont
id: 43764
id: 43765
I wore my fancy new watch which includes an altimeter. Got some altitude! The temperature is inaccurate cause it's on my write
id: 43766
Hi Tony!
id: 43767
Tony's good friend who we'll be calling PB to maintain his internet anonymity. Cool dude, that PB
id: 43768
Whoa. This is apparently a phone. I didn't try it to see if it works
id: 43769
This place is amazing. Great choice, PB
id: 43770
I gave Tony a book on how the Romans thought about ghosts. The most Tony book in existence.
id: 43771
Let's go on a walk around the cabin
id: 43772
This place is so great
id: 43773
Lots of wood to burn
id: 43774
Nice seats on the dock to the lake
id: 43775
id: 43776
Living in New York City is really making me appreciate nature more
id: 43777
No one ever ended up swimming out to that platform
id: 43778
id: 43779
The floating platform
id: 43780
This place really buoys my spirit
id: 43781
PB had some kind of awesome "buffalo grass" based drink. It was dangerously tasty
id: 43782
Bryce is directing the movie based on this weekend
id: 43783
PB starts prepping some burgers
id: 43784
Turns out he was a pretty solid cook
id: 43785
It's not a party until we get some Wii frisbee golf going
id: 43786
Brett finally made it!
id: 43787
Time to start eating, of course
id: 43788
Let's play Magic!
id: 43789
PB doesn't really know how to play Magic
id: 43790
Stink-face Brett
id: 43791
Bryce is in his element. He loves Magic
id: 43792
Tony's just having fun all over
id: 43793
Brett took this photo.. can you tell?
id: 43794
How Tony reacts to losing
id: 43795
Blech, I need a haircut or.. something
id: 43796
Nice egg sheet
id: 43797
Whoa, settle down there Tony
id: 43798
Breakfast is barely over and it's already time to start the ribs. Slow cooking!
id: 43799
Yesss, look at all that smoke
id: 43800
Pineapples are weird
id: 43801
Brett checks out the dock
id: 43802
Don't jump, Tony!
id: 43803
Nice dock
id: 43804
Brett agrees
id: 43805
I think Tony is having a good time
id: 43806
Also Brett and PB
id: 43807
I like Bryce's shades
id: 43808
Let's get a fire going
id: 43809
Gonna need lots of wood
id: 43810
Bryce likes fire
id: 43811
Looking good, PB
id: 43812
Eagle scout Tony
id: 43813
Hey man, whatever, man
id: 43814
I like this picture of Brett
id: 43815
This is apparently photogenic Brett weekend
id: 43816
Also Bryce
id: 43817
id: 43818
Nothing like a little day fire and day drinking
id: 43819
Tony agrees
id: 43820
We just sort of stared at it for a little bit
id: 43821
Brett beat me in ping pong. It was a terrible defeat
id: 43822
Nice window!
id: 43823
"How was ping pong?"
id: 43824
Bryce and Brett walking back from the game cabin
id: 43825
Don't accept any packages from Bryce..
id: 43826
Bryce is all about fire safety
id: 43827
The ribs are ready!
id: 43828
Tony had some sort of crazy Roman game
id: 43829
Agave Caesar!
id: 43830
Tony Augustus?
id: 43831
PB didn't get it
id: 43832
"This comes into play tapped." "Tony, that's a sorcery... you're cut off."
id: 43833
"Shut uppa you face"
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