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06/06/15 - Our KSC visit continues with an up close tour of the launchpads and VAB!

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id: 44012
The bus to the launch pads
id: 44013
Paul was a pretty great tour guide
id: 44014
All temporary badged birds
id: 44015
The security checkpoint leading to the Kennedy Space Center proper, not just the visitor complex
id: 44016
Neat satellite dish
id: 44017
id: 44018
Space Launch Complex 40! This is where SpaceX launches Falcon 9s from
id: 44019
SLC-41 with a vehicle assembly building next to it
id: 44020
The VAB for SLC-37. You can see a Delta IV being assembled inside!
id: 44021
The big VAB looms in the background
id: 44022
Various support buildings in between our road and SLC-40
id: 44023
The KSC VAB, with the mobile launcher for SLS in the background
id: 44024
From this angle we can see into the new SpaceX hangar at LC-39A
id: 44025
Luckily, the rain kept away from us even if it did threaten us all day
id: 44026
I think Topaz is having a good time
id: 44027
Back to the bus? So soon?
id: 44028
Posing in front of SLC-40
id: 44029
This is a bad picture of this bird but Topaz liked it so I guess here it is
id: 44030
We also drove around the Industrial Area a bit
id: 44031
Looks pretty industrial
id: 44032
Some neat valves and stuff outside the cryo test lab
id: 44033
If I remember correctly, this is the building where the Orion test vehicle was housed
id: 44034
It's so awesome seeing the VAB peeking up over the trees
id: 44035
Paul was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. A perfect tour guide!
id: 44036
id: 44037
We're going towards the VAB!
id: 44038
The Orbiter Processing Facilities, where the shuttles used to live! Now they're being used by other aerospace companies and organizations
id: 44039
The SLS MLP. Tired of acronyms yet?
id: 44040
This is a cool sign
id: 44041
We're on the Saturn Causeway!
id: 44042
The old shuttle mobile launch platform and crawler, backed off from LC-39A at the request of SpaceX who didn't want it
id: 44043
The always impressive treads of the crawler
id: 44044
MLP 2?
id: 44045
Pieces of LC-39B, I believe
id: 44046
It turns out the road to Pad B was washed out a few days earlier so we got to go to Pad A and see what SpaceX has been up to!
id: 44047
It's the new SpaceX hangar! Nearly complete but still not adorned with the SpaceX logo
id: 44048
The FSS and RSS of LC-39A, left in place by SpaceX
id: 44049
Lots of activity. By the time I got home from Florida that horizontal beam was already dismantled
id: 44050
Let's take a peek inside the new hangar!
id: 44051
Hey SpaceX, the logo on your security truck has the wrong aspect ratio!
id: 44052
The fixed service structure, left in place by SpaceX. It will later be modified to support their launches
id: 44053
They're even repainting the water tower
id: 44054
The rotating service structure will also be left in place until they need to get rid of it. It's expensive to remove giant metal structures!
id: 44055
Another angle of this amazing historical structure
id: 44056
Nooo, we're going further away!
id: 44057
Topaz snaps a few photos. Appropriate since we are at the A/B camera site!
id: 44058
The VAB as seen from the A/B camera site
id: 44059
We couldn't visit LC-39B but we could still see it from the camera site
id: 44060
It's hot and humid, but it's pretty
id: 44061
Looking back towards the bus and the VAB
id: 44062
Posing with LC-39A again. A year later and a few pounds lighter
id: 44063
Topaz thinks launchpads are neat
id: 44064
This is every mission that launched from LC39-A!
id: 44065
I don't have as many pictures of me on this trip.. but rest assured my smile was just as big the whole time
id: 44066
Whoa! They painted an American flag on the side of the SpaceX hangar! That wasn't there a few days ago!
id: 44067
Hello, SpaceX construction man
id: 44068
Please enjoy this out of focus photo of whatever that is inside the SpaceX hangar
id: 44069
Another view of the crawler and MLP
id: 44070
Now onwards.. to the VAB!
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