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06/07/15 - We head back to the Kennedy Space Center for more tours! Let's see the rocket garden

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id: 44125
I thought for sure with two days available I'd finally see the Astronaut Hall of Fame.. maybe next year
id: 44126
Hey it's the rocket garden!
id: 44127
Redstone, Atlas, Titan.. the gang's all here!
id: 44128
Looking up at a Mercury-Atlas vehicle
id: 44129
I'm not really sure what this guy is but it looks like an Atlas with an Agena on it?
id: 44130
Mercury-Redstone! It looks so small compared to modern rockets
id: 44131
Another view of the Mercury-Atlas
id: 44132
The Saturn IB dwarfs the other rockets in the garden but it's nothing compared to its big brother, the Saturn V
id: 44133
With eight H-1 engines on the back, the Saturn IB had about 26% more thrust at liftoff than a Falcon 9 (with Merlin 1D engines)
id: 44134
How funny is it that the word "F1" is so important in two of my favorite fields
id: 44135
Titan with a Gemini capsule on top
id: 44136
Hmm.. ominous weather behind the Saturn IB
id: 44137
The Apollo gantry never gets old
id: 44138
Topaz couldn't quite believe that this was the actual gantry that the Apollo astronauts walked on
id: 44139
The next surface they set foot on was the moon..
id: 44140
It's bright in an Apollo capsule
id: 44141
Looming rockets!
id: 44142
The making of the previous photo
id: 44143
The making of the making of that photo
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