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06/07/15 - We have the privilege of touring the KSC Launch Control Center

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id: 44144
Topaz is pretty pumped
id: 44145
Our tour guide for the LCC is John
id: 44146
Oh man, here we are
id: 44147
This VAB is a lot smaller
id: 44148
One flag for each orbiter
id: 44149
This is where the tour gets serious
id: 44150
I'm not so sure about the font selection but this is pretty awesome
id: 44151
Wow, one mounted patch for each manned mission launched from the KSC
id: 44152
John spent a while talking about the layout of KSC and Cape Canaveral, using the convenient high resolution satellite image
id: 44153
Whoa, cool mural
id: 44154
Some old LCC gear!
id: 44155
A "naked" version of those shuttles I keep seeing all around
id: 44156
A lot of history up on this wall
id: 44157
That's my shuttle mission!
id: 44158
There were two plaques that didn't have a landing date.. sobering.
id: 44159
This looks like Apollo-era gear
id: 44160
I had fun pressing all the switches once it was made clear we were allowed to
id: 44161
These panels are so cool
id: 44162
Haha, audio bird deterrent system.. "mmmBIRD!"
id: 44163
Everyone pile into the elevator!
id: 44164
It's a little hard to read the door but it says "The greatest launch team in the world enters through these doors."
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