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06/07/15 - I get Jerry Ross' autograph and we wrap up our Kennedy Space Center trip

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id: 44202
Hey it's Jerry Ross again!
id: 44203
He signed a copy of his book and a photo of him on a spacewalk
id: 44204
Great shot
id: 44205
I was pretty happy about it
id: 44206
I laughed really hard when I saw that they specifically tell you to not eat it in the museum
id: 44207
Wow, the Orion heat shield is pretty huge
id: 44208
Mars Rovers in terrible lighting!
id: 44209
Curiosity is enormous
id: 44210
Topaz is friends with robots
id: 44211
One more walk on the Apollo gantry
id: 44212
One last walk through the rocket garden
id: 44213
id: 44214
I made Topaz get into the Mercury capsule
id: 44215
It was pretty cramped
id: 44216
I love NASA!
id: 44217
So does Topaz
id: 44218
Time to go back to Orlando
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