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06/09/15 - Busch Gardens, the Gulf of Mexico, and driving around Tampa with James and Topaz

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id: 44347
Not so fast when he's sleepy
id: 44348
This train is a fun ride
id: 44349
I love cable cars because you can get really great photos from them
id: 44350
Cheetah Hunt flies off into the distance
id: 44351
SheiKra awaits
id: 44352
People having fun on Cheetah Hunt
id: 44353
The drop tower looms in the distance
id: 44354
James loves rides
id: 44355
A water ride would be alright in this heat
id: 44356
Hi James
id: 44357
We had James take the car ahead of us so I could take photos of him in the air
id: 44358
What's over there?
id: 44359
Some sort of... mammal.
id: 44360
SheiKra is pretty photogenic
id: 44361
Cheetah Hunt has this fun little dip
id: 44362
Roller coaster!
id: 44363
Hunt those cheetahs!
id: 44364
id: 44365
Lions are sleepy
id: 44366
So are lionesses
id: 44367
This guy looks fast
id: 44368
This guy looks freaked out
id: 44369
Montu flies by
id: 44370
Giraffes are tall
id: 44371
id: 44372
Flamingos are weird
id: 44373
This tortoise is probably as old as the country or something crazy like that
id: 44374
James is attacked by a vicious hippo
id: 44375
Some woman's funnel cake was attacked by vicious birds
id: 44376
James couldn't wear his glasses on the drop tower
id: 44377
So tall!
id: 44378
James is having fun though
id: 44379
I love roller coasters, can't you tell
id: 44380
id: 44381
The coaster train scoops up a bunch of water as it goes by
id: 44382
I'm touching a kangaroo!
id: 44383
Kangaroos are lazy
id: 44384
Whoa.. thanks, sign
id: 44385
We're at the beach! Check out this giant inflatable slide!
id: 44386
Walking out on to the pier in Tampa
id: 44387
Welcome to the Gulf of Mexico
id: 44388
It's a pretty nice beach
id: 44389
I levitated over the water to get this photo
id: 44390
Weird tattoo, dolphin
id: 44391
I can't escape Pier 60!
id: 44392
I can see why people like it here but there's too much sun for me
id: 44393
James takes his photo of the day
id: 44394
We're clearly used to walking on beaches
id: 44395
James is more used to it than we are
id: 44396
Topaz looks like a nerd who got lost
id: 44397
id: 44398
See? I stood in the Gulf of Mexico
id: 44399
Told you
id: 44400
Under the pier
id: 44401
James found a condemned hobbit hole
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