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06/10/15 - I go to the Richard Petty Driving Experience for a NASCAR ridealong!

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id: 44402
The racing tube
id: 44403
It's that place where I'm at!
id: 44404
These tires were free!!
id: 44405
This is what the track looks like from above. It used to be an Indycar track
id: 44406
Not my car, but still a race car
id: 44407
James loves this racecar chair simulator
id: 44408
Hey Scott Kelly did this! He's in space right now!
id: 44409
This is the car they use when kids do ridealongs
id: 44410
It's that window net thing!
id: 44411
Another NASCAR car. They're loud!
id: 44412
I got to wear the full helmet and HANS device!
id: 44413
Look how cool I am
id: 44414
This is the car I rode around in
id: 44415
James loves racing
id: 44416
I'm a cool cool dude
id: 44417
I just had to pose with my car
id: 44422
This is a screen capture from the on-board video
id: 44418
This is blurry but it's the only shot of the car with me actually in it
id: 44419
The ridealong was great! Time to take some photos of other ridealongs
id: 44420
Pretty fast! I got up to around 130mph
id: 44421
If I didn't have to fly home I would totally take one of these
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