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06/13/15 - Topaz heads off to Europe while James and I bum around Orlando

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id: 44457
Topaz's never ending vacation continues with a flight to Germany
id: 44458
Good luck out there!
id: 44459
We found this big airplane near the airport. Which I guess makes sense
id: 44460
Old plane
id: 44461
I don't know anything else about this plane
id: 44462
These are the keys to the monorail!
id: 44463
James. Loves. Crayons.
id: 44464
Also parmesan cheese
id: 44465
James gave me a quick tour of the weird Disney employee park thing
id: 44466
id: 44467
This guy is terrifying
id: 44468
This game is stupid but it feels like you're winning when coins fall down
id: 44469
Of course, we had to do a little more kart racing
id: 44470
Except it had rained and we had to wait for the track to dry
id: 44471
You should really see a dentist, man
id: 44472
This is how we decided what movie to watch. We ended up watching National Treasure
id: 44473
Photo of the photo of the day
id: 44474
Gods have ads now?
id: 44475
Phone phone phone
id: 44476
Last minute photo as I jump out of the car at the airport. Bye James!
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