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06/25/15 - Hulu set up a replica of the Seinfeld apartment in Manhattan. Let's go check it out!

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id: 44478
Max and Mike came too!
id: 44479
At least we get to wait in the shade here
id: 44480
It's Jerry's door!
id: 44481
Hey look at all that cereal
id: 44482
Josh sets up camp on the couch
id: 44483
This is way more surreal than you even think
id: 44484
id: 44485
Now I want some cereal
id: 44486
I look so natural
id: 44487
You guys, remember phones?
id: 44488
Check out this computer!
id: 44489
Max loves Seinfeld
id: 44490
Where are the pedals??
id: 44491
Bye Superman
id: 44492
"What's the deal with spotlights?"
id: 44493
I wanted to put this on my head
id: 44494
I suspect these are not the authentic props
id: 44495
Josh assumes the Costanza position
id: 44496
Mike couldn't keep a straight face
id: 44497
Such passion
id: 44498
Max, unfortunately, could keep a straight face
id: 44499
Oh god, moving on..
id: 44500
I wonder if this is the actual Monks seat
id: 44501
id: 44502
They're very refreshing
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