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06/25/15 - I play my first ever game of Dungeons and Dragons.. and it's super fun!

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id: 44503
Josh helps Ted go over some last minute details of his character
id: 44504
I still needed to pick some spells
id: 44505
One of these lenses is for drinking, one is for pictures
id: 44506
This is going to be fun
id: 44507
Oh man, we are so ready
id: 44508
Eiwe and Purnell seem to know what they're doing
id: 44509
Josh gave a little speech and I made it awkward for him
id: 44510
Heavy weighs the.. two macbooks of a DM
id: 44511
Purnell looks something up
id: 44512
Omnipotent Josh
id: 44513
Thask is a prude
id: 44514
This D&D session brought to you by Apple
id: 44515
D&D is fun
id: 44516
What kind of posture is this, Max?
id: 44517
The all knowing d20
id: 44518
Whoa, Purnell can draw!
id: 44519
Let's go home
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