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07/23/15 - Otakon 2015 gets started with Day 0, getting the AMV Theater and Video 1 ready to go

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id: 44568
So empty at Registration!
id: 44569
You won't see this carpet again this weekend cause there will be too many people on it
id: 44570
Mel tries out the Lonely Seat
id: 44571
Weird realistic statues..
id: 44572
"You taking my picture?"
id: 44573
The rare "Mel looking normal" photo
id: 44574
I roll the dice and recreate the final photo of my Powershot S2 IS
id: 44575
Heading to Vic's van
id: 44576
id: 44577
This year's van art. Disturbingly lacking in ponies
id: 44578
Grabbing the speakers
id: 44579
Load up the cart!
id: 44580
I help too. There just aren't any photos of it..
id: 44581
This year I didn't help move the server just so I could get a photo of the dramatic moment
id: 44582
Ready to head up to the BCC
id: 44583
"Are you just going to take pictures??" I carry some things!
id: 44584
These tables have got to go
id: 44585
Omar steers the ship of Otakon
id: 44586
Wait, which way are we going?
id: 44587
Vic does.. something with wires
id: 44588
Mel has adapted to Otakon staff life pretty quick
id: 44589
id: 44590
Color balanced Vic
id: 44591
Alright, let's head to Video 1
id: 44592
Which.. cable.. was it
id: 44593
You again!
id: 44594
I left the XSi shooting a time lapse of the AMV Theater setup
id: 44595
Mel is Tape Lady
id: 44596
There's a lot of speaker cable to lay
id: 44597
Brakus plays the roll of cable spool
id: 44598
Cables everywhere
id: 44599
It's good to be the boss
id: 44600
Meanwhile in Prog Ops people are making those melted bead things for some reason..
id: 44601
Have fun, guys!
id: 44602
The reg line had another issue on Thursday. They fixed it by Thursday night but there were still a lot of annoyed attendees
id: 44603
Ahh, good ol' Video 1 backstage
id: 44604
Sound Guy James was there!
id: 44605
Vic's ready to calibrate some gear
id: 44606
Pretty lights
id: 44607
Cables cables
id: 44608
The video game room is coming together
id: 44609
The view from the back of Video 1!
id: 44610
Uncomfortable Vic in the elevator
id: 44611
Mel is so stylish
id: 44612
Where to next?
id: 44613
Double checking the calibration of the gear in Video 1
id: 44614
"This is a server.. check your damn levels"
id: 44615
"Press this button to eject"
id: 44616
Erika's here!
id: 44617
"Which one am I?" uhh..
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