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07/26/15 - Otakon 2015 draws to an end.. time for teardown and partying!

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id: 45110
Ladies and gentlemen.. the Otakon 2015 AMV Theater team
id: 45111
Now make goofy faces! And no, I'm not just cruising Twitter on my phone.. I'm operating the camera.
id: 45112
Good times
id: 45113
This year's tape harvest is good
id: 45114
Naked Video 1!
id: 45115
I think this used to be Artists Alley
id: 45116
Get those tables out of there
id: 45117
Packing up the gear owned by Otakorp until next year
id: 45118
It seemed a little excessive to open this giant door just for me to walk through but this guy didn't mind
id: 45119
Fan art! Cool! Dozens of boxes of excess registration material.. less cool
id: 45120
So uh.. that's a thing
id: 45121
We found this ATM that opened. But it wasn't the fun part that opened.
id: 45122
Triangles abound in the main lobby
id: 45123
Mel kindly offered to carry our stuff back to the hotel as we brought the last of the gear to the van
id: 45124
Until next year, AMV Theater..
id: 45125
"Now do your slow motion astronaut walk"
id: 45126
I wonder how many "people loading stuff into the van" photos I have
id: 45127
Mel shows off her haul from the dealer's room
id: 45128
Wow, this would've been a cool room to have if I liked baseball. And had time to watch baseball.
id: 45129
I don't even know what's happening here but I'm pretty sure Otakon doesn't endorse it
id: 45130
But sure, why not
id: 45131
Vic and Topaz's reactions seem about right
id: 45132
Jesus Christ, Mel
id: 45133
Omar's attention was drawn to that computer that's been trying to boot all weekend
id: 45134
Time to make the most of his remaining time as con chair
id: 45135
It's good to be king, right Omar?
id: 45136
How the hell do we get to the Dead Dog? What is this stupid room even for??
id: 45137
In search of the fabled Dead Dog
id: 45138
We found it! Some sort of.. bounce wooden objects into a cup game?
id: 45139
id: 45140
id: 45141
Mel attempted to make a new "worst photo of Mel"
id: 45142
Time to tell old war stories. And by war I mean anime cons.
id: 45143
I couldn't help it. I asked Omar to sign my staff badge from the year he was Otakon con chair
id: 45144
Meanwhile, these two idiots seemingly have boundless energy
id: 45145
Omar said he's had this map in his wallet for so long it doesn't even have all the stations anymore
id: 45146
OK.. spoon trick..
id: 45147
Spoon assault!!
id: 45148
Topaz is completely unaffected by this
id: 45149
What do you do with excess Otakon badges? Well.. first you throw them at the con chair!
id: 45150
I'm not sure what everyone is doing here.. comparing badges?
id: 45151
These guys played poker with them!
id: 45152
Fat stacks of badges
id: 45153
The starting grid for the 2015 Otakon Grand Prix
id: 45154
Omar takes his scooter out for one more spin
id: 45155
Bye Omar!
id: 45156
Oh ho, the cool kids floor. The ones that require a card!
id: 45157
They have beer here!
id: 45158
And a dog!
id: 45159
Check out this dog!
id: 45160
Vic gets to work forgetting the events of this year
id: 45161
We pretty much just continued the Dead Dog but with more alcohol and more standing
id: 45162
It was a good year
id: 45163
This dog really wanted some chips or something
id: 45164
Internet videos!
id: 45165
Omar's having fun
id: 45166
Topaz examines.. someone's tail?
id: 45167
Bye Mel! Thanks for being your usual awkward self!
id: 45168
The last.. breakfast.
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