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08/08/15 - It's lights out and away go me and Brett as we hit the gas powered go kart track!

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id: 44685
You wanna do some racing?
id: 44686
First we tried the indoor go kart place
id: 44687
Away they go
id: 44688
This looked pretty fun but we didn't want to wait an hour to drive
id: 44689
Signing waivers at "F1 Outdoors"
id: 44690
This is going to be good
id: 44691
id: 44692
Looks like a fine day for racing
id: 44693
Circuit map!
id: 44694
Which helmet will be mine?
id: 44695
I'm so ready to race
id: 44696
Brett needs a minute
id: 44697
Racer Brett
id: 44698
How many times am I going to lap you today, Brett?
id: 44699
Alright, let's do this!
id: 44700
Hey that's us!
id: 44701
Go karts go karts go karts
id: 44702
Some racers on the other track drive by
id: 44703
It's almost our turn!
id: 44704
Brett checks his neck brace
id: 44705
This corner is a blast at full throttle. Just make sure you keep all the wheels on the track!
id: 44706
id: 44707
I went pretty far off the track on the right, up near the shack
id: 44708
Can you take the corner right?
id: 44709
You can actually see some dirt from where I went off the track
id: 44710
We had a blast!
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