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08/09/15 - Back home to visit family!

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id: 44829
Hi Mom!
id: 44830
She insists on taking her glasses off for photos
id: 44831
Meanwhile, Gragra's got some cool cool glasses. Hey wait, those are my glasses.
id: 44832
Gragra's got some sweet new digs. She grumps about it but I think she likes having more people around
id: 44833
Of course, I had to get a photo with her
id: 44834
Gragra was impressed with my weird metal cubes. Magnesium alloy and tungsten!
id: 44835
Mom and Mom's mom!
id: 44836
"Hey Gragra, hold these calibration cards"
id: 44837
Becky's ready for some lunch
id: 44838
Hanging out on the patio
id: 44839
Uncle Chris keeps an eye out for squirrels
id: 44840
Aunt Teresa loves when I take her photo
id: 44841
Nick and Becky like brunch
id: 44842
Is that food shiny?
id: 44843
Becky seems so suspicious of her.. egg thing?
id: 44844
id: 44845
id: 44846
Byyeee, see you in a few week
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