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08/20/15 - James' NYC visit kicks off with a quick trip to Adventureland

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id: 44711
It feels weird taking the 7 in this direction
id: 44712
Hi James
id: 44713
Where are we going?
id: 44714
id: 44715
Let's go!
id: 44716
You can see the security guy coming to hassle me about my big camera
id: 44717
The roller coaster James is here to ride
id: 44718
Go get in line!
id: 44719
What's your problem?
id: 44720
Hey look, an airplane!
id: 44721
Supplying water and cell signal
id: 44722
And away he goes!
id: 44723
James looks like he's having fun
id: 44724
id: 44725
Twisty turney
id: 44726
Nice looking coaster
id: 44727
id: 44728
James gets a few shots of his own
id: 44729
So many school buses!
id: 44730
What is with this giant cinderblock?
id: 44731
Hey cool, a 747!
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