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08/28/15 - Hanging at Mom's house with friends the night before Tony and Shayna's wedding

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id: 44847
Macaroni just wants attention
id: 44848
Hi Steph
id: 44849
Steph's got a beer
id: 44850
Annalise's got a.. surprise
id: 44851
Brett checks out Bryce's desk
id: 44852
Steph seems suspicious
id: 44853
I was disappointed to find out Mom noticed the cat toy in the shells almost immediately
id: 44854
Annalise doesn't understand Magic. Also apparently since Bryce sat right next to me I never got any photos of him.
id: 44855
Brett taunts Macaroni with the string toy
id: 44856
Macaroni is into it
id: 44857
A staring contest ensued..
id: 44858
Macaroni's arch-nemesis..
id: 44859
"I love string!!"
id: 44860
id: 44861
Whoa, it's moving in for the kill
id: 44862
I rolled a soda bottle at him to distract him
id: 44863
Cats love string toy
id: 44864
Macaroni is having a good time
id: 44865
Steph caught me taking her picture again
id: 44866
Brett doesn't know why I'm taking this picture
id: 44867
Macaroni is out of control
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