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08/29/15 - Visiting Clark and getting lunch before the wedding!

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id: 44868
Welcome to Clark University
id: 44869
I hear there are bathrooms in Goddard
id: 44870
The first floor of Goddard is a lot less drafty
id: 44871
id: 44872
I wish I brought my telephoto lens to get better shots of the Quidditch players
id: 44873
Annalise had to get a photo with Freud
id: 44874
Hey it's that place where I went to school
id: 44875
Down the sunblast hallway to the Math/CS department
id: 44876
Now this is a hallway I know all too well
id: 44877
One of my math classrooms!
id: 44878
The Linux Lab!
id: 44879
Brett said this place was better on the inside than the outside
id: 44880
And he was right! Good food
id: 44881
Grill me up some bacon!
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