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09/15/15 - I attend the 20th anniversary screening of Hackers with the director and cast!

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id: 45169
I bought this specifically for this event in the hopes of getting it signed
id: 45170
The Nitehawk was playing weird abstract digital stuff before the movie
id: 45171
Suz is excited
id: 45172
She ordered the "Acid Burn" drink
id: 45173
How is it?
id: 45174
Hackers director Iain Softley!
id: 45175
Fisher Stevens (The Plague), Renoly Santiago (Phantom Phreak), Laurence Mason (Lord Nikon)
id: 45176
Iain Softley (director), Jonny Lee Miller (Dade Murphy / Crash Override / Zero Cool), and Fisher Stevens again
id: 45177
Jonny Lee Miller mocked taking notes when someone in the audience started complaining about how they could be doing things better
id: 45178
Not sure what Laurence mason made this face for. Good Q&A though!
id: 45179
The event organizer got a photo with the director and cast!
id: 45180
So I jumped in there and got my own group photo. Hackers!
id: 45181
And I got everyone to sign my blu-ray!
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