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09/19/15 - Off to a family reunion with.. well, various family members!

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id: 45182
You know Becky's excited
id: 45183
Gragra slowly makes her way inside
id: 45184
Who the hell are the Hinderhofers?
id: 45185
Color coded nametags for the branches of the family. Green, orange, white, yellow for the Irish flag. (Yellow is the flagpole)
id: 45186
Gragra really enjoyed seeing everyone
id: 45187
Hi Aunt Regina!
id: 45188
Mom's also having a really good time
id: 45189
Lots of people I may or may not know milling around
id: 45190
People kept asking me if I was the photographer. Nope, just _a_ photographer
id: 45191
But I guess I can fulfill "the photographer" roll sometimes!
id: 45192
This kid was crazy. Watch out
id: 45193
Hi Mom
id: 45194
I don't think I've ever seen Gragra this happy, haha
id: 45195
Having fun, Becky?
id: 45196
Aunt Teresa's selfie stick was a fun target for my camera
id: 45197
Everyone poses.. but doesn't look at my camera! It's convenient
id: 45198
Lots of neat old photos
id: 45199
This selfie stick is getting a lot of mileage
id: 45200
Whoa, that little girl has some moves
id: 45201
Bernie didn't have any orange so he wore this scarf
id: 45202
It's multi-function
id: 45203
This was pretty much the whole event. Standing around chatting
id: 45204
Color coded!
id: 45205
So many people
id: 45206
Becky found a photo
id: 45207
Aunt Regina has some ice cream or something
id: 45208
This kid was whipping a camera around like nunchuks
id: 45209
Everyone smile!
id: 45210
Group photo POV
id: 45211
That's a big cake
id: 45212
And of course we had to get our own mini group photo
id: 45213
Time to start stealing photos!
id: 45214
I spent most of my time at this table hanging out
id: 45215
Looking at the big photos
id: 45216
Selfie stick!
id: 45217
Becky's into it
id: 45218
I'm not sure what this photo was but it caused quite a commotion
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