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10/10/15 - NYCC is in town.. let's take a few photos on the way to work!

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id: 45233
There's more nerds than usual here in the 34th St Hudson Yards station
id: 45234
Really long, vertigo-inducing escalators
id: 45235
Comiccon people were out in force helping to guide people around. I confused them by looking like a con-goer but not actually going
id: 45236
Go that way!
id: 45237
Peter Griffin! That's a pretty solid cosplay. He even did the voice!
id: 45238
id: 45239
I walk by this helipad every day now. It's fun to watch the helicopters land
id: 45240
Nice soft landing
id: 45241
I met a very excited Albert and Bryce for lunch while they attended NYCC.
id: 45242
Albert was impressed by the Gear VR. So was the kid sitting next to us.
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