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10/30/15 - Halloween at work is crazy as always

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id: 45259
Kailey is Kaylee!
id: 45260
Hi Josh
id: 45261
Josh is Bing Bong
id: 45262
Whoa, Eiwe is looking intense
id: 45263
id: 45264
Dave realized that his usual running gear was a pretty solid costume
id: 45265
id: 45266
Beer Quidditch?
id: 45267
Ahh, that's what happened to my acceptance letter
id: 45268
Hi Josh
id: 45269
DevOps is ready to fight
id: 45270
Hey look, it's a party
id: 45271
Since Dave's phone was in this case he had to use the front camera
id: 45272
As always, Mahoney went way above and beyond
id: 45273
He's a big bad wolf and his kid is Red Riding Hood!
id: 45274
Whoa! Grandma comes bursting out!
id: 45275
That is some next level costume effort
id: 45276
Varying levels of costume effort
id: 45277
Penguins love beanbags
id: 45278
Uhh.. hi Max
id: 45279
id: 45280
We took Josh's hat, put it on Craig, took a photo, and put it back without Josh noticing
id: 45281
The snitch has been caught!
id: 45282
Nice hoodie, James
id: 45283
Farhan as "Brown Artie"
id: 45284
Nate was a walking Slack channel
id: 45285
I have!!
id: 45286
id: 45287
Becca was a house elf, keeping with the Harry Potter theme
id: 45288
The Big Bad Wolf is back! And that kid is armed!
id: 45289
Even after seeing it once before their skit was pretty amaznig
id: 45290
Power rangers!
id: 45291
The pink ranger kept adjusting his skirt
id: 45292
2U spiders?
id: 45293
id: 45294
Various tech tools!
id: 45295
id: 45296
Jacob Jenkins
id: 45297
James spotted me taking his picture
id: 45298
DevOps shows off their Mad Max costumes
id: 45299
id: 45300
With lights and everything!
id: 45301
The people of Chelsea Piers!
id: 45302
Did someone order lunch?
id: 45303
It's the rat that shut down Wichcraft!
id: 45304
So many Arties!
id: 45305
And here's the real Artie!
id: 45306
Great costume idea
id: 45307
Everyone gathered around to take photos
id: 45308
Josh ran a fun trivia contest.. and my team won!
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