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10/31/15 - Rippoween 2015! This time with more VR and the same number of syringes

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id: 45324
Suz is a mermaid!
id: 45325
Iiii am a banana!
id: 45326
Gaius knows how to party
id: 45327
Refreshments to ensure the party goes all night
id: 45328
Maybe I'll come back later..
id: 45329
Don't you recognize Tony's costume? Uh-c'mon
id: 45330
Shayna's ready for some cool cool dancing
id: 45331
Suz's real tattoo. No, not really.
id: 45332
Pizza rat followed us from New York!
id: 45333
The creepy body table thing is back
id: 45334
James is the Sun!
id: 45335
Suz ponders the night ahead
id: 45336
Hi Tony
id: 45337
Tony definitely loves those horse masks
id: 45338
No one let Brett in, it's a trick
id: 45339
Steph is Marie from the Aristocats and Brett is a jogger or marathoner or something
id: 45340
Brett can't escape the Sun's gravitational.. hug
id: 45341
Steph likes what she sees
id: 45342
Brett just won the race
id: 45343
Candy will help with the running
id: 45344
What's going on in this room?
id: 45345
Brett suddenly tore his pants off, much to everyone's dismay
id: 45346
What's up in the kitchen?
id: 45347
No pizza for you, rat
id: 45348
Brett is making some weird faces
id: 45349
Facepaint is fun
id: 45350
id: 45351
Another Kaylee costume! Also excellent
id: 45352
It's time to introduce Suz to the traditional Rippoween treat.. jello shot syringes!
id: 45353
"I just push it?"
id: 45354
Brett is well versed in the ways of jello-shot syringes
id: 45355
Time to expose everyone to VR!
id: 45356
Brett thinks things are funny
id: 45357
Tony got some sort of crazy wine sword
id: 45358
Steph's head is very fuzzy
id: 45359
Steph is looking very sophisticated
id: 45360
Tony's augmenting his costume already. Nice 3d-printed Wolverine claws
id: 45361
Suz got a 3d-printed ring!
id: 45362
Good lord, no one touch the gem!
id: 45363
Tony's first moment in VR
id: 45364
Yup, that's the typical reaction
id: 45365
We know how to party
id: 45366
Tony has a jetpack
id: 45367
"Brett, wear this banana!"
id: 45368
"Brett, wear these claws too!"
id: 45369
Suz is an expert bomb defuser
id: 45370
Don't look at me like that with those claws
id: 45371
Why are we jumping, Suz?
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