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11/01/15 - Post-Rippoween recovery, VR, That's Entertainment, and travel

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id: 45372
Brett's turn in the GearVR
id: 45373
What's over there, Brett?
id: 45374
Suz loves mornings
id: 45375
Tony and Shayna's fancy new espresso machine
id: 45376
Smoosh the coffee in there
id: 45377
Mmmm, looks so good
id: 45378
Brett loves coffee
id: 45379
Suz's turn defusing the bomb
id: 45380
Brett!! Do not walk around in VR!
id: 45381
Tony is 100% sold
id: 45382
I love seeing peoples' first experiences in VR. They're always shocked at how effective it is
id: 45383
id: 45384
That's me
id: 45385
That's Entertainment!
id: 45386
Suz loves.. gas?
id: 45387
Oh no!! A car wash!! Suz didn't know about my strange phobia!
id: 45388
"Are you ready??"
id: 45389
id: 45390
Pretty scenery on the way back to New York
id: 45391
After playing so much Assetto Corsa I'd love to try out a McLaren P1 on this highway
id: 45392
I spent most of the trip working on my Rubik's Cube algorithms
id: 45393
It's so nice to be out of the city
id: 45394
Leaves are pretty
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