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11/08/15 - WaldoLAN 2015! Games, VR, and chicken!

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id: 45486
Omar takes a turn in the GearVR
id: 45487
What do you see?
id: 45488
Let's set up for everyone else to show up
id: 45489
Rerouting cables..
id: 45490
Omar is in full VR simracing mode
id: 45491
I think I just made another believer in VR
id: 45492
Talking to strangers in VR all around the world is fun
id: 45493
Games and TV!
id: 45494
Poor Amanda's face got smooshed in the panorama
id: 45495
More simracing
id: 45496
"No photos"
id: 45497
Amanda puts some Minecraft time in
id: 45498
I never thought I'd see Omar carrying around a giant sack of chicken
id: 45499
Vic was the lucky one to go home with all the leftover chicken
id: 45500
Ahh, back in NYC.
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