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12/21/15 - I document my daily commute.. photographically!

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id: 45505
Hey I know that door
id: 45506
Hey I know this street!
id: 45507
My local bodega
id: 45508
Unfortunately there is no bodega cat
id: 45509
I cross this intersection every day
id: 45510
Up the stairs
id: 45511
Waiting for the 7
id: 45512
Who's going deeper into Queens at this hour?
id: 45513
Train's here
id: 45514
And now I stay on it until the end of the line
id: 45515
I poked my head out at Grand Central
id: 45516
This is a good way to pass the time.. and get strange looks
id: 45517
Most of the time I have the car to myself for the last little bit to 34th st
id: 45518
They had to replace all of these maps when they opened the new station
id: 45519
Hey it's me!
id: 45520
Let's go that way
id: 45521
Welcome to 34th Street Hudson Yards. Arguably the cleanest station in the NYC subway
id: 45522
It's usually pretty empty
id: 45523
The way out
id: 45524
These escalators are enormous
id: 45525
For some reason they aligned the tiles with the slant of the escalator.. very disorienting
id: 45526
Sometimes water drips from the ceiling
id: 45527
Neat art
id: 45528
Lots of construction happening in this area
id: 45529
This is the entrance
id: 45530
Lots of food carts near the Megabus
id: 45531
Lots of Megabuses near the Megabus
id: 45532
Someone's getting towed
id: 45533
Weird statue heads
id: 45534
id: 45535
I also walk by the heliport every day. I always cringe as I pass through the plane of the tail rotors
id: 45536
These chairs are so weird
id: 45537
The Hudson
id: 45538
Hey I used to work there
id: 45539
Was Tony here?
id: 45540
Nearly at work
id: 45541
Hey it's Chelsea Piers
id: 45542
The view from the elevator
id: 45543
We work in the same hallway as the Law & Order Special Victims Unit studio
id: 45544
The hallway is lined with posters of terrible movies
id: 45545
Hi Nate
id: 45546
My crazy desk!
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