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12/24/15 - Visiting Gragra at the Fitch along with some Branagans

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id: 45558
Gragra's on the move
id: 45559
Mom caught her!
id: 45560
Gragra is ready for a visit
id: 45561
Cosplaying booze?
id: 45562
Mom's having fun
id: 45563
Aunt Meredith is here!
id: 45564
And Uncle Peter!
id: 45565
I think it's time to drink whatever this thing is
id: 45566
Johnny agrees
id: 45567
What's in the bag?
id: 45568
id: 45569
Johnny gets his first taste of VR. He is a fan
id: 45570
So is Uncle Peter
id: 45571
Everyone was having more fun than it looks here, I just mistimed the shot
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