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12/24/15 - It's the night before Christmas! Visiting Dad, staying up late watching movies

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id: 45572
This year we got Dad a new recliner, but we had to custom order it and it wouldn't arrive until late January. But he was still excited!
id: 45573
Ooo, what's in the envelopes?
id: 45574
Gee, thanks for the dollar, Dad. (The joke is he got me some gift certificates of my choice instead)
id: 45575
Becky has once again injured herself somehow. Poor Becky
id: 45576
Whoa, hi Dad
id: 45577
Becky tries VR out
id: 45578
I think we have another fan
id: 45579
She was having fun!
id: 45580
Recreating a classic old photo of the two of us standing in front of this stupid poster
id: 45581
Macaroni lurks under the tree
id: 45582
Present monster
id: 45583
I had never seen It's a Wonderful Life and Mom insisted we had to fix that.. even though it kept us up until almost 2!
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