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12/25/15 - Let's head over to Gragra's for Christmas dinner!

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id: 45621
Ready to go?
id: 45622
Nick's turn in VR. It did not agree with him very well
id: 45623
Uncle Chris asks what Gragra's been up to
id: 45624
Greg was really into VR
id: 45625
Sitting around chatting
id: 45626
Time for presents!
id: 45627
The other side of the room
id: 45628
For meee?
id: 45629
It's an ornament!
id: 45630
Gragra looks so concerned
id: 45631
Hi Mom
id: 45632
Sometimes I question my policy of captioning every shot. This one is like "Yup.. Uncle Chris"
id: 45633
Gragra gets a present!
id: 45634
What could it be?
id: 45635
It's a Rubik's Cube! She liked mine so much the other day that I had to get her one
id: 45636
Mandatory Goulding beard?
id: 45637
Happy Hobo Gragra?
id: 45638
Nick and Becky got some wind chime thing
id: 45639
Let's read about it
id: 45640
I got Aunt Teresa a present!
id: 45641
It's a breakfast sandwich maker!
id: 45642
Time for dinner
id: 45643
Hi Uncle Chris
id: 45644
id: 45645
Uncle Michael stopped by
id: 45646
King Michael
id: 45647
I forget what was in this letter
id: 45648
I think Uncle Michael likes the crown
id: 45649
Becky and Nick!
id: 45650
Me, Mom, and Becky!
id: 45651
Uncle Chris was also impressed by the GearVR
id: 45652
Macaroni loves movie time
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