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12/26/15 - We celebrate my 30th birthday a little early so I can do it while home

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id: 45717
Yesss, oven full of Petrone's
id: 45718
Mom is more freaked out by the big 3-0 than I am
id: 45719
Nick and Becky came by to celebrate
id: 45720
Posing with Uncle Chris and Aunt Teresa!
id: 45721
Me and Mom!
id: 45722
Here comes the not-cake!
id: 45723
Oh jeez, I guess it's real now, huh?
id: 45724
Who wants a slice
id: 45725
That's a special low-carb pumpkin pie, by the way
id: 45726
Way to go, Mom
id: 45727
Wow! Mom got me this amazingly detailed model of a Mercury spacecraft
id: 45728
Specifically John Glenn's vehicle, Friendship 7
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