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12/27/15 - Beany, then Brett and Steph swing by for hanging out and gift exchanges

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id: 45729
Snazzy hair, Beany
id: 45730
A present for Beany!
id: 45731
It's a Hello Kitty chia pet! Ch-ch-ch-chia!
id: 45732
Macaroni hates paper
id: 45733
Beany got my Mom a nice candle!
id: 45734
Steph and Brett are here and they are ready for Petrone's
id: 45735
What could I have gotten Brett?
id: 45736
It's a weird little mini-blender / cup thing! Yaaay more smoothies
id: 45737
Macaroni approves
id: 45738
He kept popping out and attacking fingers
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