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01/01/16 - Bondcon 2016 gets started with wings, Magic, VR, and WiiU

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id: 45747
Topaz was very impressed by the positional tracking of the DK2 and did a pretty good job in the race car!
id: 45748
Buffalo Wild Wings is objectively better than Chipotle
id: 45749
Hi Alan
id: 45750
Hey Mel, what kind of wings are you going to get?
id: 45751
Topaz is excited for wings
id: 45752
Bryce ordered fried pickles and then talked about how he wondered where they were for like 20 minutes
id: 45753
Will takes Magic pretty seriously
id: 45754
Mel clearly does as well
id: 45755
Let's get this game going!
id: 45756
Thanks, Mel
id: 45757
Holy crap
id: 45758
Alan watching some games or something
id: 45759
Mel and Will watching the same whatever
id: 45760
Topaz photobombs himself yet again
id: 45761
Mel tries some uh.. adult videos in VR
id: 45762
"What is going on here!"
id: 45763
"Don't SPIT on it!"
id: 45764
Gah, hi Will
id: 45765
Will was a fan of VR
id: 45766
Mel, that is not how you gun
id: 45767
Is it time for the ball to drop?
id: 45768
The first photo of 2016!
id: 45769
Anyway, back to video games
id: 45770
Vic inspects the Mario Maker interface
id: 45771
Alan looks so tired
id: 45772
McKeed likes Mario
id: 45773
id: 45774
Bryce likes Mario too
id: 45775
Vic cooks up a diabolical level. Or is he playing?
id: 45776
Mario Maker took up a good chunk of the night
id: 45777
Topaz really had fun making levels
id: 45778
Bryce is in awe
id: 45779
Meanwhile, Katie and Alan hang out in the kitchen area
id: 45780
Juuust hanging out
id: 45781
Bryce's turn
id: 45782
Vic thinks things are funny
id: 45783
Bryce.. don't look now but there is a penguin on your shoulder
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