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01/01/16 - Bondcon continues with breakfast.. and GO KARTS!

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id: 45784
Bryce is so zoned out
id: 45785
Looming over me while waiting for breakfast
id: 45786
Topaz finds breakfast decisions so stressful
id: 45787
id: 45788
For some reason this photo of Vic sort of reminds me of his cats
id: 45789
It's a race to go karts for racing!
id: 45790
Mel being Mel
id: 45791
Mel being slightly crazy Mel. So.. normal Mel
id: 45792
McKeed sees you
id: 45793
Amanda is ready to race
id: 45794
Topaz is ready to.. observe
id: 45795
Mel is now behind the camera, by the way. She snapped this lovely photo of me
id: 45796
Will seems skeptical
id: 45797
Walking out to our Karts
id: 45798
Dave knows how to ham it up for the camera
id: 45799
Albert is all business
id: 45800
Amanda just wants to make sure she doesn't drive under the barrier like that other person
id: 45801
I see the camera.. but do not acknowledge it
id: 45802
Vic... Vic loves Twizzlers
id: 45803
Katie is up next
id: 45804
And Will rounds out the pack
id: 45805
Vic takes the inside line and overtakes Amanda
id: 45806
It was a nice track
id: 45807
Albert wonders how to drive Will off the road
id: 45808
Amanda gets suited up
id: 45809
I swear this helmet fits..
id: 45810
I love this shot of me. Thanks, Mel!
id: 45811
Holy crap, relax Albert
id: 45812
Quite a crew
id: 45813
Will is ready for racing
id: 45814
Katie is also ready for racing
id: 45815
Oh hey, so is Vic
id: 45816
Apparently everyone is ready for racing
id: 45817
id: 45818
Look at me go. Gotta go fast!
id: 45819
Ever wonder what this track would look like if every color was gone except green? Wonder no more?
id: 45820
Amanda takes the corner at speed
id: 45821
Get outta the way, Vic. I got people to pass
id: 45822
Got to lean into the corner
id: 45823
Will is a blur of speed
id: 45824
Amanda is about to get bumped out of the way if she doesn't give up that inside line
id: 45825
Dave is blowing kisses to the camera!
id: 45826
I win! I got lucky because Dave won the first race and I won the second. Since his score went up after the first, my win was worth a few more points
id: 45827
Amanda slid in just in time for this shot
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