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01/01/16 - Bondcon wraps up the first day of the year with lots of video games

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id: 45828
What could they be playing?
id: 45829
Some sort of bizarre space narwhal game..
id: 45830
Mel is excited for cheesesteaks
id: 45831
There were a couple of games of Artemis but it's so involved I never felt up for a game
id: 45832
Peter is the comms officer
id: 45833
Who knows what these chumps are doing
id: 45834
McKeed got me a hotas! Of course, I bust it open and flew around in the Google Earth flight simulator on my macbook
id: 45835
"They're my fwends!"
id: 45836
What do you think of Mario Maker, Jeff?
id: 45837
Video 1 was a lot more packed than Main Events
id: 45838
Nerds in their natural habitat
id: 45839
Mel uses Will as a pillow. Willow.
id: 45840
Topaz tries to figure out Bryce's level
id: 45841
"So the thing about Star Citizen is.."
id: 45842
Alan is lurking around
id: 45843
id: 45844
Omar got a pretzel maker!
id: 45845
And music!
id: 45846
Hi Topaz
id: 45847
Hi Mel
id: 45848
Bryce drew this for the Miiverse
id: 45849
Well done, Miiverse
id: 45850
Omar tells Yoda who's boss
id: 45851
McKeed tries to get the Yoda robot to listen to him
id: 45852
Watch out, he's armed!
id: 45853
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