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01/06/16 - It's my 30th birthday! Let's go to Chelsea Barcade and play some arcade games!

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id: 45894
Josh, Anthony, Topaz and I make our way to Barcade
id: 45895
I would like to use the VR button, please
id: 45896
"This taxi is so crazy!"
id: 45897
Topaz is deep in tetris-y thought
id: 45898
Josh looks impressed with this game
id: 45899
Tetris tatter-tots! Tetris tots!
id: 45900
id: 45901
The display in the center was all 3D and weird
id: 45902
Suz is here! And she got me a ridiculous "Eggstronaut"!
id: 45903
She also brought Beany's present.. what could it be?
id: 45904
Ohhhh my god. It's a mug with Neil on it!
id: 45905
And Buzz!!
id: 45906
Josh checks his email. Suz checks.. her life
id: 45907
Who's ready to race?
id: 45908
Turns out this wasn't a very accurate simulator. Or really a simulator at all
id: 45909
Josh takes no joy in racing
id: 45910
Drastic maneuvers
id: 45911
Josh won!
id: 45912
Vroom vroom
id: 45913
So dramatic
id: 45914
I was having fun
id: 45915
Suz doesn't understand driving
id: 45916
Is Suz crazy enough to drive a taxi?
id: 45917
Barcade, folks.
id: 45918
Sign language stories while eating burgers at Lucky's!
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