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01/08/16 - Checking out the NY Historical Society's computer history exhibit with Topaz and Hez

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id: 45931
id: 45932
So. Many. People. Ugh.
id: 45933
Nice view from Synacor's NYC office
id: 45934
Those ants look like people!
id: 45935
Colors and lights
id: 45936
Hey I know that logo
id: 45937
Elevators are fun
id: 45938
I see you, other platform
id: 45939
Topaz spies a camera
id: 45940
The right stop, the wrong museum
id: 45941
The museum of natural history! Not tonight though
id: 45942
Hey look, an old timey Batmobile!
id: 45943
This doesn't look very aerodynamic
id: 45944
Red Batman?
id: 45945
Batmobile details
id: 45946
Weird pipes
id: 45947
What's in the bags?
id: 45948
Tony's future computer room
id: 45949
"The computer history is in the next room!"
id: 45950
Just loafing around here, eh?
id: 45951
Hey it's that place we want to go to
id: 45952
Buzz, your girlfriend, woof.
id: 45953
Ha, harsh
id: 45954
No more coffee for you
id: 45955
Hez inspects tiny UNIVAC
id: 45956
Old timey telegram.. thing!
id: 45957
I think this was a trans-Atlantic telegram line
id: 45958
Telstar! An early communications satellite
id: 45959
If I understand correctly, you put a card in that thing on the right, and all the dials change to indicate what data is on it
id: 45960
Vacuum tubes, for that warm analog computer feel
id: 45961
"Yes, this is Dog"
id: 45962
id: 45963
This is how they make fiber optics. But upside down. They stretch out a slug of super pure glass
id: 45964
Fun fact: 4chan was written in Fortran. No, no it wasn't.
id: 45965
What is even going on here
id: 45966
Topaz inspects a recreation of an early transistor
id: 45967
"Hello, transistor!"
id: 45968
Hey cool, it's Tennis for Two! Well.. a recreation. But that's ok
id: 45969
It's an old recreation, at least
id: 45970
Yet another indie 2d side-perspective game..
id: 45971
Spiffy controllers
id: 45972
Topaz discovers that Space Invaders is hard
id: 45973
"Gronk" is a word you don't hear associated with video games enough these days
id: 45974
Behold.. a typewriter!
id: 45975
Let's put it through its paces
id: 45976
Perl isn't going to run on this thing, Topaz
id: 45977
Font ball! Ball of fonts!
id: 45978
I don't even know what this is. Some sort of bizarre data storage, I'm sure
id: 45979
The physical representation of the source code that runs my photos page
id: 45980
Heyyy, this keeps flashing "IBM"
id: 45981
I used to build towers out of old punch cards at school
id: 45982
CPU dies!
id: 45983
I was impressed they found a graffiti door without obscenities on it
id: 45984
Fancy subway
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