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01/31/16 - Daily slice of life photos for January 2016

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id: 46129
Sprint planning
id: 46130
Starrett-Lehigh at sunset
id: 46131
Fwoooosh goes the 7 line
id: 46132
Just flying my spaceship..
id: 46133
id: 46134
"Backup Max Photo #1"
id: 46135
March 28th is very far away
id: 46136
Sunbeams in the morning!
id: 46137
"Hey Max! Backup photo!"
id: 46138
I really should have just done a photographic study of Max
id: 46139
LRS team lunch!
id: 46140
My walk to work is about to get a lot colder
id: 46141
Two very serious spacecraft on my desk
id: 46142
My daily walk past the construction site
id: 46143
How billboards are born
id: 46144
Looking down the bike/jogging path along the Hudson
id: 46145
Building buildings
id: 46146
id: 46147
Walking past the heliport everyday certainly leads to some dramatic, and windy, moments
id: 46148
I really like this shot
id: 46149
It's tough to keep cat fur off an Oculus Rift
id: 46150
There's a whole other world in there
id: 46151
Colorful ride
id: 46152
I'm so glad the 7 line isn't that ugly exposed metal in my neighborhood. These arches are nice.
id: 46153
Income Tax man!
id: 46154
Ugly exposed metal 7 line! Just a few blocks east of my street
id: 46155
My doctor! I won't use his full name so google searches don't lead here, but I call him Dr. Jeffy B. He doesn't know that.
id: 46156
Hey it's that building from Hackers!
id: 46157
I join the ranks of the many people taking photos at Grand Central
id: 46158
Yet another tour group
id: 46159
Walking to work
id: 46160
Max loves my photo projects
id: 46161
Early morning coffee
id: 46162
Oh sorry, am I interrupting?
id: 46163
Oh god.. do I want to go outside?
id: 46164
No, no I don't
id: 46165
It's so snowy!
id: 46166
Ahhh, we're going to be buried!
id: 46167
Everyone under the sidewalk shelter!
id: 46168
What a rotund snowman
id: 46169
Blizzard aftermath
id: 46170
So much snow
id: 46171
But Seamless cannot be stopped!
id: 46172
Lots of stores put cardboard down in front of the doors to absorb water. Is that a New York thing? I don't remember seeing it in other places
id: 46173
Let's go to work
id: 46174
id: 46175
Everyone picks their way through the sludge
id: 46176
It's times like these I'm glad I have waterproof boots
id: 46177
The bike path was plowed. The footpath was not
id: 46178
id: 46179
Eh. Plowed enough
id: 46180
Helicopters don't care about snow
id: 46181
id: 46182
Lots of construction going on at Hudson Yards
id: 46183
Hamptons! They make the best salads in the city and I don't care what Josh says
id: 46184
Oh ho! Josh saw me typing the previous caption
id: 46185
People lunching and learning at Lunch and Learn
id: 46186
Good ol' Bliss St
id: 46187
Taking an alternate route to work to stay away from the Hudson wind
id: 46188
The 7 flies by
id: 46189
Please :(
id: 46190
Walking through Chinatown to visit Suz
id: 46191
Lots of New York scenes here
id: 46192
Graffiti on construction signs!
id: 46193
Open marketplace
id: 46194
Sometimes I'm surprised just how stereotypical NYC New York can be some times
id: 46195
The barrels huddle together to stay warm
id: 46196
Bummer for you, bike man. I didn't even notice the missing seat until right now
id: 46197
This guy's got his seat
id: 46198
Lots of ladders
id: 46199
Suz lives in a tall building
id: 46200
"Suzanne's Lament"
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