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02/18/16 - Hanging with Topaz and Kate in Buffalo!

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id: 46293
The very moment Topaz discovered me on his couch
id: 46294
"What are you doing here??"
id: 46295
Kate thought VR was neat but still preferred her bomb defusing on a computer
id: 46296
Phones are fun
id: 46297
Topaz loves sake
id: 46298
id: 46299
More sake!
id: 46300
Many VR demos were had
id: 46301
The coolness of the VR headset and the lameness of the t-shirt cancel each other out
id: 46302
So many people had their first VR experience this weekend!
id: 46303
Kate loves the pictures I take of her
id: 46304
Bomb defusing is complicated
id: 46305
Topaz is having fun
id: 46306
"Do you have... a symbol?"
id: 46307
Studying never ends
id: 46308
The Wastls
id: 46309
Of course, a lot of buffalo chicken was eaten
id: 46310
Celebrating Bradley's birthday!
id: 46311
Spaceport Eden!
id: 46312
How rude!
id: 46313
Uhh.. Eric.. it is inadvisable to walk around in VR
id: 46314
Virtual Eric and Regular Eric
id: 46315
Monocular camera vision is confusing
id: 46316
Better? Or worse. Better? Or worse.
id: 46317
Yes, it still works if you tilt your head
id: 46318
Topaz in concentration mode
id: 46319
Let's play an incredibly complicated card game!
id: 46320
It's like Magic.. but even more confusing
id: 46321
It took us around and hour and a half to get started. Good game though!
id: 46322
Hey I know this commute
id: 46323
I guess I traded the 5 for the 7
id: 46324
VR demos at Synacor!
id: 46325
Mark was so sold on it that he ordered an Oculus Rift / PC bundle a few minutes later!
id: 46326
id: 46327
Lake Erie remains pretty
id: 46328
Nice sunset
id: 46329
Oh hi
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