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02/20/16 - I trundle across Buffalo to spend the weekend with Steve and that whole gang!

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id: 46330
Dustin finally got his full sized Lego LM
id: 46331
Dustin's "virginity shelf"
id: 46332
Who's ready to lose money at poker?
id: 46333
Steve sure is
id: 46334
You guys, I'm really good at poker
id: 46335
Look at all my.. not much money
id: 46336
Dustin's having fun
id: 46337
So is Steve
id: 46338
Tamara is better at poker than me
id: 46339
Megan doesn't play but still likes poker
id: 46340
Check out this crazy ceiling
id: 46341
The bowling place is full! Let's find a new one
id: 46342
Time for bowling!
id: 46343
This is a combination bowling score computer and Apollo mission control station
id: 46344
Alcohol is important for bowling
id: 46345
Is that the right ball?
id: 46346
Distracting Megan
id: 46347
The wine glass seems out of place
id: 46348
Looks like a good shot..
id: 46349
id: 46350
I'm super bad at bowling
id: 46351
Tamara is super good at bowling
id: 46352
Steve is OK
id: 46353
Looks good so far..
id: 46354
Let's all take a moment to study the fire evacuation plan
id: 46355
Tamara's got the woogedy arms
id: 46356
So chill. So relaxed.
id: 46357
Megan bowled a ball!
id: 46358
Then who was camera???
id: 46359
Bomb defusing!
id: 46360
Dustin seems concerned
id: 46361
Dustin is an expert bomb technician
id: 46362
Tamara needs some red yarn and thumbtacks
id: 46363
Bombs are fun
id: 46364
Steve takes a turn in the hotseat
id: 46365
I love diners!
id: 46366
How you can tell this diner is near a college
id: 46367
Steve takes his mandatory turn in the GearVR
id: 46368
What is up with all the shirts at the Buffalo airport?
id: 46369
I couldn't resist some proper Buffalo wings. It was at the airport, but it was still Anchor Bar.
id: 46370
Insert plane here
id: 46371
Insert basketball here
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