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02/26/16 - Beer Friday at work!

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id: 46372
There is an intense game of Settlers of Catan going on over here
id: 46373
Mike is freaking out in the background
id: 46374
Artie is having fun
id: 46375
id: 46376
Banana Max
id: 46377
Mike really needs to relax
id: 46378
Nate and Luke like beer
id: 46379
Tim looks up instructions on how to wear headphones
id: 46380
Artie's still determined to win this game
id: 46381
Hi Josh
id: 46382
Luke got these weird programmable robot blocks
id: 46383
Will they drive?
id: 46384
It's getting away!!
id: 46385
Nate has some ideas about the robot blocks
id: 46386
So does Mike
id: 46387
We put our best engineers on the job
id: 46388
I love the battery tail
id: 46389
It's driving in circles!
id: 46390
Well, Settlers is over
id: 46391
Good game!
id: 46392
Rogue robot devastating the landscape!!
id: 46393
Let's go home, Josh
id: 46394
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