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02/29/16 - Daily slice of life photos for February 2016

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id: 46395
These street vendors near the Megabus station must do really well
id: 46396
What are they building over the walkway?
id: 46397
The helipad never gets odl
id: 46398
id: 46399
There are more things on the walkway!
id: 46400
Cranes are so relaxing
id: 46401
This counts as a sidewalk
id: 46402
I think this might be the most NYC photo I've ever taken
id: 46403
Steam, trucks, hardhats, traffic lights..
id: 46404
It's coming right for us!!
id: 46405
Lots of people walking around
id: 46406
Mike was in town so we grabbed lunch!
id: 46407
Hi Buzz..
id: 46408
id: 46409
Snowy 7
id: 46410
Even snow has to sit down. That was a bad joke.
id: 46411
My camera bag now sports the mission patch for the podcast episode I'm working on
id: 46412
Wait for the light..
id: 46413
OK, sure
id: 46414
id: 46415
Statue of Tax Man
id: 46416
Cranes were always scary, even before that one collapsed downtown, but now I'm keeping a closer eye on them
id: 46417
Crane party!
id: 46418
Train party!
id: 46419
Scaffold party!
id: 46420
This car sits here all day every day with the lights flashing. I asked a guy why and he said it's to deter people from driving in, not realizing it's not a street
id: 46421
Barrel art?
id: 46422
Max art
id: 46423
I like how they wrote out on the windshield in case someone didn't get it
id: 46424
These are some remarkably chill horses
id: 46425
Now the walkway is getting lights!
id: 46426
Max loves his daily photo
id: 46427
Let's work through some tickets
id: 46428
The LIRR station looks pretty nice from the right angle
id: 46429
Yep.. it's my racing station
id: 46430
So many non-functional buttons
id: 46431
Code, Tim, code
id: 46432
Origami storage
id: 46433
What the hell is going on here? Are we summoning a new Macbook?
id: 46434
Everyone piles in for a "Core Practices" talk
id: 46435
As you can tell, I was thoroughly engaged
id: 46436
Questions were asked... and some were answered
id: 46437
Nate is building a Cyril
id: 46438
id: 46439
Tim in a seat of crap on all our desks
id: 46440
Why is it in quotes??
id: 46441
Yep.. NYC.
id: 46442
Tim pounding away on my neat Red Bull keyboard
id: 46443
id: 46444
id: 46445
Who, hi Bloo
id: 46446
Beany is skeptical of VR
id: 46447
Bloo gives it a shot
id: 46448
Type type type, says the Suz
id: 46449
Nothing like grocery shopping at 12:30am
id: 46450
Hi Neil!
id: 46451
One last photo of this furniture arrangement before yet another shuffle
id: 46452
Alexa, unpack yourself
id: 46453
Alexa, plug yourself in!
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