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03/10/16 - I spent all week at an Object Oriented bootcamp and took some photos while I was there

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id: 46465
Much of the weekend was spent pairing
id: 46466
Let's get to work, Isaac
id: 46467
I made this before the work got too hectic
id: 46468
Our teacher was Fred George and he was pretty great
id: 46469
Fred eviscerates some of Mike's code
id: 46470
Like me, Fred prefers to just drink the diet soda from the 2-liter. That's the way!
id: 46471
This is the face you make when your code gets totally destroyed but you learned something useful along the way
id: 46472
id: 46473
Tim's turn in the hotseat
id: 46474
I wish this class went for another week
id: 46475
Some of my fellow classmates
id: 46476
This is how much our brains grew
id: 46477
The hotseat is stressful
id: 46478
Fred continues the lecture
id: 46479
He's also a fellow Oculus Rift owner! Well.. in July he will be
id: 46480
Alan thinks over the lessons
id: 46481
Dana listens
id: 46482
I like Fred's shirt
id: 46483
Did he hear me type that?
id: 46484
The coding cycle
id: 46485
It was a whirlwind class and not everything stuck but the stuff that did helped a lot
id: 46486
An overview of the classroom
id: 46487
Time to watch Fred code a little
id: 46488
My crazy "cake" vim color scheme that I chose for better visibility on the projector.
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