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03/24/16 - I designed a custom Alien-inspired keyboard and it came out great!

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id: 46493
Look at that thing!
id: 46494
WASD keys both for gaming and I suppose for the name of the company that made the keyboard!
id: 46495
The katakana spells out "Weyland" after "Weyland-Yutani"
id: 46496
All the keycaps are inspired by the film Alien
id: 46497
While I was at it I also picked up an F1 logo for my Red Bull Racing keyboard
id: 46498
The numpad was done by a guy on Reddit and served as a great starting point
id: 46499
The keyboard is largely inspired by the keypad on the self-destruct controls for the Nostromo
id: 46500
PURGE is an important button
id: 46501
It uses Cherry MX Brown switches so it's really nice to type on
id: 46502
I had to make sure to get plenty of photos of it before cat hair inevitably got all over it
id: 46503
I'm really happy with how it came out
id: 46504
Whooo, keyboards!
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